The Story of the Hermes Kelly Bag

ブランド靴 is the most well-known and elegant bag which has become a symbol of the Hermes industry. The Hermes Kelly Bag was first developed in 1936. Grace Kelly’s 1956 presentation of the bag helped make it very popular. コピーブランド服 was the moment the Hermes Kelly Bag would rise to the top of its game and be one of the most sought-after fashion items now.
It is a bag that displays a sense of undisputed style. It is notably one of the finer and more sophisticated bags available, one that you can carry on your arm to fancy events rather than toying around downtown with your friends. The Kelly bag is very identical to the Hermes Birkin Bag but has an elongated, more sleek style. The Kelly is made by hand and has only one handle, not two.1930A century or so after the Maison of Hermes inaugurated their saddle-making factories, Robert Dumas created a small bag that had straps specifically designed for women.