The best places to purchase Healing Crystals Wholesale

I usually look to purchase wholesale crystals at gem shows, where I am able to pick the crystals by hand.

Every once in some time, I’ll create a catalog-order to get bulk tumbled stones or massage Wands. Or fun novelty items.

crystal beads wholesale These vendors are the best They are the best! I purchase them often and several times per year.

All help me get what I’m seeking however, they all play some role in my hunt!

Are you looking to increase the number of crystals you sell, or you’re starting to consider purchasing a couple of crystals that you can offer as part of any crystal healing reiki or massage company The wholesale crystal dealers can be a fantastic location to begin.

Below are my top selections for wholesale crystals. Additionally, I’ve got a few recommendations by Love & Light students. Updated on 18 January 2002.

If you’re in search of our list of great places to purchase crystals online if you don’t run a company, visit this page.