Hot Prints Popular Spirit Jerseys

One most popular thing I’ve seen around all college campuses is the spirit jersey.
What are Spirit JERSEYS?
They’re shirts with longer sleeves. They have heavier sleeves and letters that are embossed on the shoulders. Sometimes referred to “billboard crews” the majority of spirit jerseys are left chest logos or artwork.
What do Spirit Jerseys are good for? :
? Resorts/ souvenir shops
? Schools
? professional soccer team uniforms Teams
? Special Occasions like weddings, bachelorette parties, etc.
These are just a few examples of the various uses that spirit-wear can be used for. They are very popular with women but I’ve also noticed men sporting they too. Personally, I have two of them and would like to have more. womens rugby clothing They are light and comfy ideal for wearing in class.
These shirts can be decorated by using pre-cut letters and numbers. Also, you can make your own CADD-CUT. Heat transfer material with a vinyl cutter
If you’d like more information more about the process used to heat print your favorite clothes take a look at The Heat Print and the Profit Billboard Crew’s video on