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Authentic in the fight against Swingman and Replica Jerseys xxx. This could be because of the smaller plates that Champion used on its production lines. The platen is which is the top plate that’s heated by the press. replica mlb jerseys reddit Most likely, it was 14″ x 14″, which meant that it wasn’t possible to print beyond this size. So, every design would only be limited to a 14×14 area in the jersey. This means that, while original Trailblazers jerseys featured stripes that run across the entire front and back, the replica jerseys originally had stripes that were short and restricted to the length as the “Blazers” logo. Champion added stripes to Trailblazer replica jerseys to mark the 1992-1993 season.In addition to adding the stripes in the 1992-1993 seasons, Champion also altered the neckline, which was previously a multicolor red and white trim to an all-red trim. The company also introduced white home uniforms but they were rather limited in terms of availability for players and the quantity of jerseys printed. The norm was for Champion to typically release road jerseys of most teams. Home jerseys were scarce and difficult to come by.