A meaningful GIFT

Every Month, Charitocracy members pool their donations for one charity they collectively select through voting. The recipient of the gift becomes a Charitocracy membership for a period of one year. The recipient is able to vote each month on the cause they choose to support through any contribution you contribute in their name. After purchase, we’ll send you a gift card that is able to be sent to the gift recipient, or deliver it to them on the day you want!
clear christmas ornaments Charitocracy makes a great gift for someone who’s enthusiastic about social issues or someone interested in finding out more about how charitable organizations tackle social issues. With our members’ nominating charities every month, we’re constantly learning about the new people groups in need and the charities committed to improving the lives of these people. Learning about the missions of these wonderful charity organizations and the work they perform inspires the philanthropist in all of us! Do not pass up the chance to join this curious and caring community and to share the knowledge with your loved ones and family!